A Kin Is Here In Texas

Yes. She arrived yesterday morning via Korean Airlines (KE) departed from Cebu to the port of entry, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). My cousin is also a fiancee of a American from Texas. What a coincidence? I did not know much until she told me that she and her boyfriend filed for a Fiance Visa application. The whole process took just about six months. And after her visa interview at the US embassy in Manila, she got her Fiance Visa (K1) after two days. Whoa! That was quick!

Her flight went smooth and safe. Though she waited one hour at the immigration area, the interview went well. When I called her this morning, she told me she had a hard time sleeping on the plane. Oh well, she will have to experience the jetlag like I did.

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7 thoughts on “A Kin Is Here In Texas

  1. @ joops
    I appreciate the greetings!

    @ madz
    yep will do that ASAP! will buzz you about the updates 🙂

    @ angel
    okay angel. I know you are a very busy traveler 🙂 will update you ASAP.

  2. if ma-add nimo tanan ako 8 blogs..ingna nya ko..para add tika..unsaon man gud kanunay busy..pasensiya na…

    more blessings to come in new year!!

  3. Hi sis..thanks for the greetings..happy new year too!! God bless!!

    pila diay imo blogs?? let me know kung unsa pa ang wa nako na-add…salamat daan…tc

  4. yea.i hope she is happy like me. we will come over to their house in the country to see her this weekend.

  5. Great news, hope she stays on and makes something out of it. Lovely!

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