Nokia GPS Winner!

We had a lucky night! I won the last game of Bingo at my honey’s company Christmas party. He also won twice. Everybody at the party was jolly and sociable. It was fun!!!

Before the party ended, the boss called to draw the raffle. My honey kept on telling me he is lucky with raffle. I told him I am not. So we were eager, waiting for the host to announce the winning ticket numbers. Then the winning ticket number for the first minor prize was called. The winner was Chinese guy. Next, the winning ticket number for the second minor prize was called. One of the wives got it, but it was not me. Then it was time to draw the winner for the major prize, a Nokia GPS. Everyone at the party wanted to win it, I know. The host called his girlfriend to draw the winning ticket number. At first she was stammering reading the numbers and read them incorrectly. My honey and I knew the last two digits of our tickets so he checked his first. He doubted the woman read the wrong numbers, he approached her to double check it. And he was lucky indeed! It was his ticket numbers and he got the prize, a Nokia GPS.

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