$250 Gift Card For The Family

On my first day at work, people were very busy shopping on black friday for holiday gifts for their loved ones and friends. I know those were gifts because I wrapped some of them and gave gift boxes to other customers. ^_^ I was just thinking what else would be a pretty lovely gift for the family besides clothing, jewelry, purses…and others. I thought of something beneficial not only for a single person but to all the members of the family. How about getting a better internet service connection with cable television?

This time of year bunch of discounts and promotions from different businesses are all over the place. And one product and services that I find interesting so far is the great holiday deal offer online on high-speed internet with cable television connection from Charter Communications’ Ultimate Bundle which offers the following services:

High Speed Internet: 10 Mbps High Speed

TV:Digital Home, Charter HD, Sports View, Digital View,
HBO/Cinemax, Starz/Encore, Showtime/The Movie Channel

Phone: Unlimited Calling

And for an order of the Ultimate Bundle or any Charter services sold separately, the customer is entitled to get a free Gift Card and will automatically get a chance to win one of 45 X-Box gaming systems! What a great deal huh? Participating merchants for the Gift Card can be found at Charter Communications website. Visit their website today and select the best service that is suited to the needs of your family. This may be the ideal gift for everyone this holiday season.

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First Job In America

Yes I had to wake up 6:30 in the morning today. It is my first day at work in Dillard’s’s in the customer service department. The store is so busy since it is the Black Friday holiday shopping day. My new co-worker said the customers were there so early at 4:00 A.M. waiting for the mall to open. Huge sale and discount promotions happening in all the stores. There is nothing much to do so I am assigned to wrap some gifts. And boy, it was new experience. I was never been good at gift wrapping. Today I learned how to wrap gifts neatly, making them look elegant and presentable. And I made ribbon too! I wrapped a total of four items:

1. Long-sleeved Sweat Shirt (Men)
2. Coat, scarf, winter gloves, GC (Women)
3. Gold bracelet (Women)
4. Fossil Wallet (Men)

I noted these items as reference for gift ideas.

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Enjoying The Holiday Travel

After the training for the part time job my honey and I got ourselves ready to head to his parent’s house Tuesday evening for the Thanksgiving on Thursday. We left Fort Worth about 8:44 P.M. Our speed was 60-65 miles per hour (following speed limit) on I-20 heading East Texas. The Interstate Highway was busy. Everybody was traveling to where they will spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Huge trucks were on their way to delivery duties. But when we entered the City of Canton, the highway was ours.
Looking outside for the view, bright road and commercial lights made me recall of the bright nights in the city back home. My honey noticed that I was about to be hypnotized by looking straight on the road, he said he will get the reserved pillow from the back seat for me. I said, “I am okay hon.” I refused to take a nap. I was enjoying the night travel on the road. Our drive to Tyler was smooth and safe. We arrived 10:56 P.M.

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