Online Shopping Experience

Finally the jeans I ordered online has arrived. I feel so excited about it because this is my first online shopping for clothing. Trying a new shopping experience is fun. But there was doubt inside. What if the item will not show up? How will I react with the screwed transaction? I was just a little bit upset with the shipping period. The shipping duration was not clear to me. And the jeans were packed tightly in a parcel envelope…were not even placed in a box to look more presentable. However, the online purchasing was fine.

I am happy with the faded blue jeans’ fitting on me. The waist line size is zero (zero-ranging sizes 24-26) and that is the best fit for me. But with the dark blue jeans, let us say, I am a bit unsatisfied. Well the blame is on me because I ordered the size 26 waist line. I did that to see if the looser fit will look well on me. It’s straight cut legs are too long for me so I need to go somewhere for alterations (sigh). Anyway, I am glad the jeans are here now.

How about you? How’s your online shopping experience?

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