Interview Appointment

I got a call from an employer and they scheduled me for an interview this morning. I am excited about this. I hope everything will turn out fine. ‘Haven’t recovered from migraine and cramps yet but I think I can carry myself. ‘Hoping I won’t feel dizzy during the interview. Yay! Oh well, it is going to be another adventure for me today. But I am feeling Monday blues already. ^-^

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9 thoughts on “Interview Appointment

  1. Hi.
    Hope it turns out right for you.
    I got a cold, with fever and everything, so my last days haven´t been very good.
    See you soon.

  2. hello ladies. thank you for your support and kind words. I hope I will be selected for the job. Really need it.

  3. Congrats Marly. A job interview is another adventure. About cramps, it is either you lack of potassium of your taking too much potassium. Do a research about it. I had that too, it’s grim coz it’s painful. Take care and good luck in your new job interview.

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