Practice Again

It’s already eleven o’clock in the morning. I am still here sitting in front of the computer instead of preparing myself for an appointment at 1:00PM. I should have been doing some preparation for my driving training. Yes. I am scheduled to take my training again today. My husband will come home to pick me up at 12:30. Okay. I have to log off for a while. ‘Will be back soon as I can. ^_^ See yah!!!

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Online Buying Guide

Something came into my mind when I was talking with my younger sister over the phone. I didn’t tell her that I have something for her this Christmas. She’s asking before if I can buy it for her. She likes to have an iPod. Apple iPods are not very costly when I found them from a store online. I referred to an online buying guide which serves as a shopping portal where you can find good deals in gadgets like this. With their high quality innovative features, there’s no doubt iPods are in with teenagers.

We are planning to send another balikbayan box to Philippines. This means that a pleasant surprise is in store for my sister.

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