Some Tips When Eating Out

I like eating out. It makes me feel good going to fine dining. Trying different kinds of food in either simple or fancy restaurants is amazing experience to me especially if it’s buffet style ^-^. How about you? What’s your preference? ‘Sharing with you some tips when eating out.

1. Use portion control.
2. Avoid fried foods – substitute a side salad. (go easy on the dressing)
3. Limit bread, chips, and appetizers while you wait for your meal.
4. Go easy on the cheese.
5. Choose light salad dressings, served on the side.
6. Enjoy a salad and an appetizer in place of an entree.
7. Take home half of your meal for tomorrow’s lunch.
8. Order fresh fruit or fruit sorbet for dessert.
9. Enjoy as many simply prepared vegetables as you like.
10. Go for foods that are baked, broiled, roasted or grilled.

I am not a fan of vegetable salad but I am now starting to like them. Yet it still depends on my mood. Vegetable salads are good for us though.

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