Shipping Via PNB Rapid Hatid Service

Yes, the wait is over. My husband got in the mail the items I bought online four days ago. So we will be able to send the gifts to my family in the Philippines tomorrow. As what I mentioned in my previous post, we will be using PNB’s (Philippine National Bank) delivery service called PNB Rapid Hatid (hatid means delivery in English) since we are presently acquiring their Rapid Remit services. The fee is reasonable. Also they offer discounts when you apply for a GFC (Global Filipino Card) as a remitter or beneficiary. Anyway, the estimated shipping time is about 40 days. That would be fine.

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One thought on “Shipping Via PNB Rapid Hatid Service

  1. I started patronizing this PNB Rapid Hatid in 2009, but it was only on August 6, 2010 when I was alerted by the recipient of my balikbayan boxes that a lot of items couldn't be found in the box. They were stolen in short. If not because of the grandson who cried and cried thinking that his transformer toy was not sent to him, we never had the idea that stealing from the balikbayan boxes could be done. As far as I could remember, the stolen items are the following: 12" transformer talking toy (Optimus Prime), black Levi's men's jeans; 2 Nike large men's t-shirts; 1 mens cargo pants; 4 pcs. Toddlers Gap T-shirts; Gap socks; Oreo big biscuit pack; Libby's chicken sausage canned goods; 5 tubes of big Colgate toothpaste; bags of chocolates, 1 bottle children's gummy multivitamins. These items were placed on top of the box, and the box of toy was placed along the side of the box. What else got stolen since I do not usually make a packing list of the items when I send them to Philippines. This incident gave us the idea that it might have been happening without us knowing it before. Who will be accountable, to whom shall I report this incident? I completely lost my trust, and just feel so devastated by it.

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