Holiday Presents For My Family Back Home

I am so tired and a little bit stressed. Why? I have a schedule to meet and it is on Saturday, this weekend. We must send the Balikbayan Box to the Philippines. My husband gave me time to finish sorting and wrapping up until tomorrow afternoon because we will be busy again on Friday. Whew! All the stuff we bought and gathered from clearance sales is now out for packaging. I have had each item labeled few minutes ago (lotions, body cream, clothes, shoes, books, toys…etc.). I did that because I don’t want to miss anyone back home. Actually my husband helped me with the wrapping of the lotions, body cream and placed them inside the small boxes. He’s got talent with that (smiles). My family, especially my niece and nephews, would be happy with the early presents for the holidays. (Magkaguliyang siguro ang agi).

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