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I worked in a computer school before as an office staff and part time computer instructor. As an office staff, my duties primarily include daily and weekly status reporting, registration, and filing. And as an instructor, I was responsible for daily lesson plan, managing students’ school works, and periodic test preparation. There comes a time when everything’s has gotten very hectic but being organized is a big help. In my workplace, all the things I need for my job is in order. My table’s drawers are labeled from top to bottom-forms, file folders, supplies…etcetera. Almost everything in the office is marked for convenience. Proper organization in the workplace helped me carry out my job as an instructor also. Planning for the next day lesson was simple because the computer books on my desk were labeled according to subject categories. So there’s no hassle.

Now, my husband and I have our own work tables at home. The shelves are neatly marked so that my husband can easily locate the items he need. Dymo labeler makes it easy because there is a variety of label features and types to choose from according to preferences. It is nice to use everywhere. Even the students’ can use this labeler to organize their school works and stuff. Also, my sister would like to have one to label her books and notes as it is back-to-school again.

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