Squirting Turtoise At The Mall

My husband and I drove to White Settlement in Fort Worth and had lunch at Chilli’s yesterday. After that we decided to go to the mall. I heard that Ridgmar Mall is about 2 miles away from Chilli’s so we agreed to go there to see something new. Ridgmar Mall is huge and wide. There are plenty of stores, recreation and dining options. We had fun shopping and while walking around we saw this huge concrete-made tortoise. It has a tube that squirts water from the mouth towards the fountain. It amuses me so I took a couple of pictures with it.
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Getting The Good Deals This Back-To-School Season

Each fall, parents and students flock to stores to buy pencils, folders, backpacks, lunch boxes and new clothes. Everybody’s excited about it. When looking for affordable clothing for students, I guess online shopping is considerable. Aside from huge Discount Clothing, there are plenty of trendy styles and designs of fine, quality garments to choose from in Heavenly Couture. From hoodies to pants, you will definitely find their Cheap Clothing attractive and reasonable. It is the best time to shop for this stuff in preparation for the winter season. Right now they are offering a limited time 10% off discount for Back to School Shopping.

I love shopping…as in.When I get the chance to get a good deal on something I like either at the malls or online, I’ll buy it.

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Health Routine Check-Ups For Your Child

Parents have high hopes for their children. You want them to be happy and successful with their school work so that they will be prepared for a bright future. One of the important things in this back-to-school season is to make sure your child is in shape. A visit to the doctor and dentist for a routine exam is one of the best ways to start a new school year. Eye exams are also advisable. Doctor’s agree that the most essential way to give your child a healthy start in life is to make sure he or she receives all recommended vaccines. Today, various laws require that all children be vaccinated before entering school.
Source: Christie Bohm Chase-Greensheet

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