That 70’s Show Entertains Me

“Hanging out, down the street
The same old thing, we did last week…
…Not a thing to do but talk to you

We’re all alright
We’re all alright
Hello Wisconsin!”

I am watching That 70’s Show on FX channel right now. I can’t help laughing because the characters are so hilarious. The show is very entertaining. This is my favorite television show as of the moment. By the way the show is also airing in ABC Family, FOX, and The N. Another thing, there’s That 70’s Show marathon on Monday, September 1, from 7AM to 7PM on FX.

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5 thoughts on “That 70’s Show Entertains Me

  1. I also love this show. My favorite line, “You cannot see it, but I am flipping you off.”


  2. My husband used to watch this show many years ago and my daughter would sing the theme song with him everytime it plays. I think she was about 4 y.o.

  3. i loove this show. gotta love super vain jackie. haha. oh, and weird fez.

    happy carol

  4. Ahoy! I love that show too. Too bad they had to cancel it so early…Oh, well. Have a nice day!

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