Choosing A Web Host Provider With Web Hosting Rating

My honey was asking me if I am planning to get my own domain and put my blog into web hosting. I gave him an affirmative answer. I was browsing the internet searching for web hosting sites lately. I saw that has a list of web hosting providers. They are the largest search-able web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount rates. It is pretty interesting because bloggers, like me, can choose which among the providers is right to host our blog. At, getting the best web hosting service is a huge advantage because the providers are stated to be dependable with high hosting rating. Of course, my major concern on this is the budget. My honey said that when choosing a web host, you should not look only for the affordable fees. The most important concern is getting the good quality hosting services and high level of reliability. I think we should try this guys.

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4 thoughts on “Choosing A Web Host Provider With Web Hosting Rating

  1. hi Marly, the code wil look like this, same pa rin as you added a link on your blogroll. di ko kasi ma add d2, they’re not allowing it.

  2. hi Marly, you can make your own, pwede din you sign up at pero u still have to make your own image sis!

  3. Hello Marly,

    Pareho lang sis if you add a link using html code but instead of url link u put the image url link. Hope it helps!! If you have more question just ask me lang sis!

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