Win Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book and Discover The World

If you love traveling, here’s a chance for you to socialize with fellow travelers around the world. is an innovative social networking site for educators who travel the world. Whether exploring your own backyard, or half-way across the globe, share your travel experiences and explorations here. And you know what, you might get the chance to win the Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide Book which is giving away in their weekly book review giveaway if you join today. The book is a pictorial guide to travel around the world features vivid, full-color photographs and informative descriptions of more than two hundred countries around the world. It is totally FREE to register. All you have to do is:

-Go to
-Sign up in the upper right hand corner of the site (it is FREE)
-Go to the “Book Review of the Week: The Travel Book” link
-Leave comments about the book review

Two books will be be given to the two randomly drawn commenters. Sign up now. Share your travel experiences and get the opportunity of having the Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide Book. Everybody is welcome to join.

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One thought on “Win Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book and Discover The World

  1. How I’d love to own their travel book but I’m quite unlucky in draws and raffles. I might go to the bookstores and get me a copy though. 🙂

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