Weird Things About Me

Now I will have to reveal this. It’s kind of awkward but I have to accept it. I am sharing weird things about me here. You might find it funny and maybe some relates with you. Nobody is perfect and so am I.

1. Covering my eyes when watching scary movies – Yes, I like watching scary movies. When it comes to terrifying scenes, I do cover my eyes but I keep on sneaking between my fingers. The reason why I do this is that, I don’t want to scream and get frightened. This is funny to my family and friends.

2. Keeping old notes – Because I am a very sentimental person, I value things that people are giving me. As long as it is given from the heart…no matter how big or small it is…even if it is just simple note for me.

3. I am like a ‘packrat’. – I like collecting stuff…even simple little things like movie tickets to big things like the corner lamp. I will get take it home if it has a reasonable price, and in good shape. But if it there’s a chance for me to get it free, the better.

4. I eat edible seaweeds. – Some people don’t eat seaweeds. I do. It is delicious as well as nutritious. Seaweeds, and any other sea foods, are rich in mineral Iodine which is good for our health.

5. Late to bed, late to rise – I stay up late at night because I hardly get to sleep. They said I have insomnia…maybe. I sleep late, of course, I also wake up late. But I find it nice working at night than at day time. Weird.

6. Having a hard time spelling words in writing. – I am now dependent to the computer. Letters and other forms of communication are mostly done in a Word Processor and in the internet. I seldom do some writing activities using pen and paper. That is why my hands are quite inactive when it comes to this, and when I do, I sometimes miss a letter in words I am noting. Maybe my mind is blocked in some way or something.

Tell me what’s weird about you?

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