Philippine Lemon Juice

On a hot summer like this, I always needed something to refresh me like cool air conditioning and comfortable summer clothing. Aside from these, I love to have cold drinks like fruit juices. And one of my favorites so far is the Calamansi (Philippine Lemon) juice. We bought packs of Philippine Lemon juice from the Asia World Market in Plano. The Philippine Lemon fruit is rich in vitamin C. It is effective in curing cough and colds. You can tell it’s goodness from it smell and very strong citrus taste. And it is great for flavoring seafood dishes too. Back home, you can see Philippine Lemon tree in every yard.

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One thought on “Philippine Lemon Juice

  1. Is this a Philippine brand of juice? I hope they sell this here in Dubai. I miss calamansi so much. Lemon tastes different…

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