Fried Milkfish

Nori, my fellow Filipina neighbor I met recently introduced me to another Filipina who’s living in the same apartment complex where she’s at. Her name is Del and she is from Cebu. By the way, Nori is from Samar. I am so glad I met them. We agreed to get together at Nori’s. We played the Wii Fit that Nori bought online.

After that, we decided to prepare food since it is kind of late in the afternoon. Nori bought some bangus (milkfish) from a Filipino store. I did the frying while the two ladies were busy talking and preparing the table at the same time. The bangus (milkfish) was good with the steamed rice and soy sauce. We ate all the fried bangus and rice leaving nothing but the bones.

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5 thoughts on “Fried Milkfish

  1. I love marinating milk in soy sauce with lemon (or kalamansi) for about an hour or two. They deep fry it.. hmm, finger licking good! And the best part if you eat with friends like you did. Mas masaya!

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