Bitty Sandals

It’s a beautiful Tuesday and I thought of going to the mall. Well, I just did some window shopping and tried to look around for interesting bargains. Since I love shoes and sandals, I went to Dillard’s. As I browsed around the display I saw a couple of pair of sandals that are very interesting. These two pairs of sandals from Coach caught my attention. I love the colors so much. They’re so cute. And they fitted on my feet very well. The problem is I am a bit confused which of them I will be getting. Can you help me decide?

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4 thoughts on “Bitty Sandals

  1. I love brown lol.. just me!
    from purses to shoes I love brown..

    nice one sis I like them..

  2. i would prefer black on if i were you because it goes with a lot of color, hope that helps 🙂 nice shoes by the way…

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