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We didn’t know what we are going to become until we realize it. During our growing days we slowly discover the potential inside us. And that’s what I learned.

I dreamed of working as a singer/performer. Since my childhood I was engaged into singing activities. I was a choir member in my elementary days. There was a time when I was included in a singing contest on television. That was so exciting. My friends and I used to join auditions before. That was stopped when I became busy in my college studies and struggled for a living for my family. So my dream of becoming a singer has been taken off my mind.

For me singing is a serious and yet a remarkable dream job. And my goal is to express myself through music as well as to entertain people. I hope that my joining here with will give me a good result. They help job seekers to land a job where they are suitably qualified. And allows job seekers to showcase their personality and professionalism in a 1- to 2-minute video introduction that sets them apart from the big job competition. You can check with their website about the campaign regarding this video introduction where they will be giving away prizes for the winners. And it is so easy to register here:

1. You have to follow the simple registration process which takes less than a minute.

2. They will ask you to upload your paper resume and cover letter.

3. Record or upload your video (in order for you to stand out from the crowd).

4. Then browse from the top companies in the country.

In addition to this, job seekers like me can research the employers that best fit their criteria in their online employer video profiles.Through the power of video and the internet, I think this is considerably the effective website for companies to find the best people and the best people to find their dream job.

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