New Blog Template

It’s been weeks that I was searching for lay-out for my blog and I am glad to say that I found one at Finalsense. They are designing FREE beautiful blog templates. From simple 2-columns to the popular 3-column templates, I tell you that a variety of them are in this site. When you visit Finalsense, look for the “Free Blogger Templates’ in the uppermost part of the webpage. And by clicking the word ‘more’, this will take you to the page of various templates. Each of them has editable codes where you can find in the ‘Details’ button of a particular design.

Since I am regaining my understanding with html codes, I am able to edit and retain the widgets in my blog. You start browsing because I am sure you will be attracted to their modern and intelligent plan that fits to your interest and personality.

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Application Transferred

I got a letter from USCIS and I am so excited to open it. After a month of the first Notice of Action (NOA) letter stating the receipt of the forms for the Adjustment of Status (AOS), this new letter says that my case was transferred to California Service Office. Great! I think this means that the processing will not take a long time until I get the approval.

I just hope that there will be no ‘Request for Evidence’ (RFE) notices because I am definitely sure we have submitted the complete forms and supporting documents in my application.

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