Back to My Reading Habit

Reading is my favorite past time before. I read anything that catches my interest. From comic books to newspapers, I appreciate that. When I was in my elementary days I was diligent. I just sit somewhere quiet with my books beside me and started doing my homework. Then I will just spend my extra time hanging out with my friends in late afternoons. When I was in high school, I spend my vacant time in the library. Since we don’t have television, my siblings and I were content answering activity books and reading stories until we are ready to go to sleep.

In my college days, it was different. I stayed with my cousins in Manila and they have almost all the modern stuff at their house. There I began to stuck myself in watching television, playing the play station, or stay up late doing nothing at all. I forgot the do the thing I love to do. I forgot to feed my mind even with single information from the daily paper once in a while. The laziness went on until I got a very stressful job.

I realized how much time I have wasted doing non-sense. But I guess it’s not too late for me. I want to go back to my reading habit and I am glad to say that I am engaged to it now. Reading gives me additional knowledge and so is to everyone. Apparently, it enhances our proficiency and good comprehension.