Put a Smile on Your Face

Smiling helps take the wrinkles away. It also gives a fresh aura to our face and light feeling to our mood. There are so many reasons to smile. And here are my jokes of the day in English version.

Son: Be careful with the DANKTRUCK Dad!.
Dad: What’s a danktrak?
Son: It is a truck with 10 wheels used for hauling sand.
Dad: Stupid! It’s not a dantruck…it’s a TEN MILLER!
Math Class…
Teacher: Brad, if I have a piece of meat and divide it in half, how many pieces it’s gonna be?
Brad: Two pieces M’am
Teacher: What if I divided both in halves?
Brad: You have four pieces M’am
Teacher: I divided them all again
Brad: You have eight pieces.
Teacher: ‘Divided them again
Brad: 16 pieces
Teacher: …and again
Brad: It will be 32 pieces
Teacher: What if I divided that 32 pieces into halves again?
Brad: 64 pieces (smiles)
Teacher: Then I divided them all twice again?
Brad: My goodness! You already have ground meat M’am…ground meat!
FROG: What does my future hold?
FAIRY: You’ll meet someone who wants to know everything about you.
FROG: Great! Will I meet her in a party?
FAIRY: No…in biology class

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