Not Scared in Lighting Fireworks

We celebrated the Independence Day at our house in Nevada because Fort Worth does not allow shooting fireworks in such occasion. I was told that some places in Texas does not allow this activity. As what I mentioned in my previous post, my in-laws came over but did not stayed overnight. So my husband and I were the only ones who made the night away. Sharing with you here are pictures taken on the 4th of July.
I am not scared at all in lighting the sky rocket.
Our little fountain.

The smoking fountain.

The sparks in the dark.

4 thoughts on “Not Scared in Lighting Fireworks

  1. hi..there are cities here in the USA prohibits shooting fireworks on occasion. yes, fireworks are legal here.

  2. tnx for d comment eunice. yea, big cities have ordinance that prohibits shooting fireworks. so we just enjoyed it in the country. ‘keeps voting for u sis 🙂

  3. Wow sky rockets! I have seen my Malaysian relatives lighting them but I have not lit one myself. I think it’s kind of illegal to play with that nowadays in Malaysia. Singapore banned all those stuff, perhaps because the buildings are all closely built together. But it so much fun to see sky rockets exploding into awesome mini firework display!

    See u around, hope u can vote for me again 😀 Thank you!


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