New Air Travel Charges

I read a surprising news in the internet this evening. An airline will impose new charges on air travel. It says that there will be no free drinks the next time you fly.
“Better get used to carrying lots of singles. US Airways is now terminating free drink service. No, not free mini bottles of Jim Beam and cheap Chardonnay, we’re talking about all drinks, including soda, fruit juice, coffee, and bottled water, which will soon cost $2 each. Presumably tap water, which may or may not be contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria, will still be free.
The move is the latest way airlines are attempting to fight rapidly rising fuel prices in a disastrous economic climate. In recent months, the extra fees have come fast and furious. First came extra charges for your second piece of luggage, then came a charge for your first bag. That’s not to mention extra fees for choosing your own seat, curbside check-in, booking using frequent flier miles, and the cost of the Santa Fe chicken sandwich.” Read more…
This is is getting ridiculous, I think.