Nintendo’s DS games

Ever since I was a child I have liked Nintendo’s games. I am familiar with the Playstation and Game boy because I played with them at my cousins’ house before.
If I heard it right, Nintendo will release one of their newest portable games for everyone to enjoy. It is the Nintendo DS -short for dual-screen-New Super Mario Brothers, Nintendogs 3, and Brain Age 2.
  • New Super Mario Bros.-This is an updated version of the classic Super Mario Bros. world and Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach offers something for everyone.
  • Nintendogs 3In this game, you will to train and care for a puppy, without having to clean up all the mess. You can also choose from a wide range of pets.
  • Brain Age 2It has seventeen all new, engaging activities designed to help work your brain in minutes a day.

One of the two 3-inch screens is touch-sensitive and works with a stylus — like Palms and Pocket PCs — to control the action in some games. The DS also has Wi-Fi communication to connect with other units within range for cordless competition for greater entertainment. This portable game comes in five colors: baby pink, red, blue, black, and gray.

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