How to Get the Car of Your Dreams


Have you got a dream car? One that you’d give anything to own? Sadly, it isn’t going to appear in the driveway in the near future without a lot of work and commitment from you. But all it takes is a little planning and a lot of willpower on your part and you can start working towards the amazing day you get to take that beautiful machine home. Here’s how.

Get Your Finances in Order

First things first, you’re going to need to be able to pay for the car. If you don’t have many savings of your own, you still have a few options. One is to open a high-interest bank account and slowly but surely add to it while the account accumulates interest on itself. That, of course, relies on you essentially forgetting that your savings are there outside of any deposits you make. The other is to consider taking out a loan. There are plenty of places, like DreamLoans, that specialize in vehicle finance and will even look after those with bad credit histories. Do your homework, find out who offers the best services and the best interest rates, and don’t be afraid to negotiate – you may actually be able to haggle your way to a sweeter deal.

Research the Vehicle

It’s one thing to dream about owning a ‘67 Chevy Impala. It’s quite another to actually own one. You should know what the going rate for your dream vehicle is, especially if it’s second hand. You should also know how much its on-road costs are going to set you back and you should be well aware of how easy and affordable it is to get parts should anything wear out or break down. This is especially true of older vehicles; as cars get older, parts begin to break down and disappear, which means the ones that still exist become more expensive the rarer they get. You should know if the car has any design quirks or safety concerns that are out of the ordinary. You should know it all – right down to what its fuel consumption is like. With all the details on hand, you might discover your dream car is not quite as heavenly as you first thought.

Discipline Is Key

Both of the above points come back to discipline and exercising a lot of willpower. If you’re going to save up for the car yourself, you’ll need to stop yourself from spending any of your funds on things you don’t need. If you plan to go through finance, you need to commit to paying the amount back on time. And if you do get the car of your dreams, you have to commit to owning and maintaining that car.

These are the three biggest things to remember when thinking about how to get the car of your dreams. It’s as much about being a crafty consumer as it is about being an automotive dreamer. If you have the willpower, the drive and the right approach to your personal finances, you’ll be behind the wheel of your dream machine in no time at all. What’s your dream car?

Pay Attention To Vehicle Recalls


Service area.

I don’t have a car for 24 hours.  It has come to the time when we need to bring my Toyota Scion 2009 to a nearest Toyota dealer for a recall service.  Currently, two recall services should be accomplished for my car at no charge to me.

a - Toyota

My car is scheduled for service today.  Hopefully everything will be done today so we won’t be coming back.  The head technician called and recommended some extra services because they’re due.  Of course, there is an extra charge for that, too.

It is very important to always pay attention to your vehicles maintenance schedules.  This way, you are aware when a specific maintenance is due to prevent major vehicle problems from occurring.  In addition, you can take your vehicle to an auto service that is cheaper and dependable.

As per recall matters, be in the know of the recalls that concerns your vehicles.  These are for your own safety and for the longevity of your vehicles.  Your vehicle companies will send you a communication regarding the recalls and you are required to respond as soon as possible.

Road travel is easier and safer if our vehicles are well-maintained and serviced in accordance with the Laws.

DIY Cut Out T-shirts

Every woman know how valuable it is to have a good supply of 100% polyester T-shirts in her closet. They are versatile, inexpensive and can be modified in lots of different ways to create unique looks. One popular fashion trend are cutout T-shirts, which feature all sorts of designs or strategically placed cuts to enhance the simple silhouette. If you want to try your hand at an easy cutout project, this one is perfect. We’ll create a heart shape that can look different depending on the color of undershirt you choose.


Gather these up on a large working surface before you get started:

  • Oversize T-shirt in the color of your choice.
  • Small pair of scissors for detail work
  • Chalk in color that can easily be seen


OK, you are going to be doing a little bit of drawing here. Don’t be nervous! This is just elementary school-level artwork. Lay the T-shirt flat on your work surface. Using the chalk, draw a medium-size heart in the middle of the chest area. Make sure to leave enough room for the “rays” coming off the heart. Don’t worry if your heart is not completely centered or if it’s a little crooked. The design will look good no matter what.


Now, using the heart outline as your baseline, draw rudimentary rays or flames coming off of it all the way around. The rays should be smaller around the top of the heart where they are closest to the collar and larger around the sides and bottom of the heart. Don’t go too big, though, or you will end up with cutouts that go all the way into your armpits!


It’s time to cut out the rays. Do not cut out the heart shape. Using your small scissors, slowly make your way around the heart, cutting out all the rays you drew. It’s all right if you don’t cut exactly on the chalk lines. Any lines left on the shirt will come out in the wash. Try to make your cuts as smooth as possible to avoid jagged edges that may be visible when you wear the shirt. The cut edges will curl a bit, especially after the shirt is washed, so that will help hide uneven cuts you may have made.

You’re Done!

Now you can wear this cute shirt with any color underneath. When you are ready, you can try other cutout designs. Here are some ideas:

  • Cut a double wing design out of the back of a T-shirt
  • Skulls cut out of the front or back of a shirt is a rock ‘n’ roll look
  • Snip the sides of the T-shirt from the arm hole down to create a corset look

Lake Water Overflow On Little Ridge Park

Gate to the park is closed.

Gate to the park is closed.

Lake water overflow.

Lake water overflow.

They are fishing on the dock.

They are fishing on the dock.


How to Attract More Patrons to Your Store

As consumers adapt to the ever-changing environment of commercial business, organisations are being forced to come up with new and innovative ways to attract patrons to their stores. Online shopping and market saturation have contributed to the highly competitive nature of the retail industry, but there are ways a store can avoid getting lost in the crowd. Here are some ideas to attract more patrons to your store.

Proper merchandise arrangement.

Proper merchandise arrangement.

1. Appearances Matter

Longevity represents success in the context of business, but standing the test of time can be extremely challenging. Once a retail outlet reaches a certain age, it risks being perceived by consumers as old and out-dated. With new stores constantly opening and drawing away the attention of valuable patrons, keeping your business looking modern is absolutely vital to its survival. If you feel as though your store simply can’t match the standard set by competitors, consider employing a professional retail outfitter such as TU Projects, who can provide a team of highly experienced shop fitters to build a customized store to perfectly suit the needs of your business.

2. Customer Service

Studies have shown that patrons who are greeted and engage in some form of communication with a member of staff when in a retail environment are significantly more likely to make a purchase. By valuing patrons as individuals, a business can greatly increase its appeal to the general public. The core of this idea is strongly linked with good customer service. Greeting patrons is a positive starting point, but in order for meaningful engagement to take place a conversation must occur, in which the patron is made to feel as though their unique requirements are the top priority of the business.

3. Identify Problem Areas

To attract an increased number of patrons to your store, it is crucial to identify problem areas that may be preventing the business from reaching its full potential. This could be something as simple as changing the layout of the store or clearing large amounts of obsolete stock. With such an overwhelming amount of choice available across retail markets, the attention span of patrons has grown notoriously short. If a consumer can’t navigate a store with ease, they are sure to take their business elsewhere. Ensuring your store remains clean and up-to-date should prevent patron numbers from decreasing.

4. Tell People Where you are

It sounds obvious, but how can you ever hope to increase the number of patrons entering your shop if they don’t even know where it is? By featuring a map or some basic instructions on how to find your store on the company website, your business should witness a substantial jump in foot traffic. Providing information on matters such as parking and street access can also help to attract more patrons.

Gone are the days when simply opening a business in a suitable location guaranteed patrons would come calling. These days it takes far more than just an open door; businesses have to provide patrons with motivation to step over the threshold of their premises. What aspect of a business entices you into visiting its store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.