50 Mandarin Words You Need to Know to Order Food in China

In 2014, more than 128 million people visited China, making it one of the most-visited countries in the world. If you are planning a trip, one thing you should know is that China is a large country with many languages and regional dialects. This can be confusing for even domestic Chinese tourists traveling in-country, let alone foreign visitors. Mandarin Chinese, the country’s official language, can be understood almost anywhere. Before going to China, familiarize yourself with these important words in Mandarin Chinese for ordering food. This will come in handy at restaurants and hotels in Shanghai, Beijing and other popular destinations in China.

  1. Rice Mi Fan
  2. Water Shui
  3. Tea Cha
  4. I want this. Wo yao zhe ge.
  5. Eat Chi fan
  6. It’s delicious! Hen hao chi!
  7. Thank you! Xie Xie!
  8. Noodles Mian
  9. Stuffed steamed bun Baozi
  10. Dumpling Jiaozi
  11. Beer Pijiu
  12. Fruit juice Guo zhi
  13. Coffee Ka fei
  14. Chopsticks Kuai zi
  15. Spoon Shao zi
  16. Fork Cha zi
  17. Restaurant Fan guan
  18. Sichuan hot pot Sichuan Huo guo
  19. Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles Lanzhou Lamian
  20. Beijing duck Beijing Kao ya
  21. Shanghai steamed bun Xiao long bao
  22. Kung pao chicken Gong bao ji ding
  23. Sweet and sour pork Tang cu li ji
  24. Chinese barbecue Shao kao
  25. Fried Rice Chao fan
  26. Ma Po Tofu Mapo doufu
  27. Wonton Huntun
  28. Vinegar Cu
  29. Soy sauce Jiangyou
  30. Salt Yan
  31. Hot pepper La jiao
  32. Menu Cai dan
  33. MSG Weijing
  34. Pork Zhu rou
  35. Beef Niu rou
  36. Chicken Ji rou
  37. Shrimp Xia
  38. Tofu Doufu
  39. Tomato Xi hong shi
  40. Bean sprout Dou ya
  41. Potato Tudou
  42. Scallion Cong
  43. Eggplant Qie zi
  44. Sweet Tian
  45. Spicy La
  46. Mutton Yang rou
  47. Waiter/Waitress Fu wu yuan
  48. Cheers Ganbei
  49. Pay the bill. Maidan.
  50. How much money is this? Duoshao qian?

So if you’re booking a flight to Hong Kong, Guangzhou or another Chinese city and you’re currently preparing for your big trip, study these 50 words. You’ll be able to handle yourself at any restaurant with much more ease. After all, eating is a big part of traveling. Knowing Mandarin Chinese restaurant vocabulary will be an invaluable help on your journey.

This post was posted by Fiona Moriarty on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on July 7, 2015

Fun Thrill Rides And Attractions At SeaWorld

My family and I had a great time at Sea World.  Since it’s been five years, some of the attractions were gone and Sea World put new ones.  Parking areas are huge but it’s very difficult to find a spot close to the theme park gates. (Tip: As soon as you enter the parking area at Sea World, pick a parking spot immediately.  Do not drive around for a long time. Chances are you will wind up at the very end of the parking area.)

You can actually purchase tickets for Sea World online and in discounted prices, too.  It is very helpful to buy tickets online than at the gates because you will be in a super long lines.  My husband is stubborn sometimes.  I planned to buy tickets the night before so we can get them cheaper but he insisted to buy the tickets at the theme park.  So when we got there at around 1:00 P.M., the line was very long already.  Good thing it was not too sunny that Saturday.  The weather was just perfect for our Sea World adventure.

Huge splash from Journey to Atlantis ride.

Huge splash from Journey to Atlantis ride.

We enjoyed the thrill rides, attractions, and shows at Sea World.  Few of DD’s favorites were the Journey to Atlantis and the Shamu Kids Rollercoaster.  She loved the Shamu Show and the Sea Lion High Show.  Shows are in timely manner so you have to decide which ones you want to watch next.

My dear husband and I were at Sea World five years ago and we tried riding the Steel Eel and the Great White.  I told my DH I don’t want to ride the Steel Eel again.  He didn’t want to either.  I thought I was going to pass out after the ride.  I lost my voice up there.  I ran out of screams. 😀

My daughter enjoyed the Shamu Roller Coaster.  She wanted to go again and again. We rode a couple of times and that was it.  We wanted to try the Journey To Atlantis.  It was the very first time my DD tried a thrill ride like that high.  When she was told that she met the height requirements to ride, she remarked “Yes!”.  I think I screamed the loudest up there.

Shamu  Show at Sea World San Antonio

Shamu Show at Sea World San Antonio


Five Hotels for a Memorable Dubai Stay

Dubai beach.

Dubai beach.

Dubai is a jewel in the desert, where towers shooting into the sky and incredibly luxurious hotels are the norm. The city has a reputation for incredible architecture and fantastic shopping. The hotels in Dubai are equally dazzling and bring new levels of excitement. Explore this stunning city and start planning your exotic getaway!

Downtown digs

Relax in luxurious comfort near the heart of the city at the Palace Downtown Dubai. This resort-style property is near the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Take a ride to the highest observation deck on the planet and check out the panoramic vistas. The hotel is also close to Dubai Fountain, the world’s biggest choreographed fountain, even eclipsing the one in Las Vegas.

Stay on a human-made palm island

Kempinski Hotel & Residences Jumeirah sit on the sands of Palm Jumeirah, the island shaped like a palm tree that juts out into the Arabian sea. Guests here can have views of the open sea or the spectacular skyline behind Dubai Marina. Just across the water and to the north of the Marina are the towers of downtown, as well as all the attractions that make this city such an intriguing destination.

Festival City

If you are looking to save a little money and still enjoy all that Dubai has to offer, Crowne Plaza Festival City fits the bill. Situated next to the fabulous shopping and exquisite eateries found along Festival Blvd and near Dubai Creek, this property puts you close to the airport and conveniently near the rest of the metro area. Explore nearby Creek Park or take in the show at Dubai Dolphinarium.

On the beach and in the city

Book at stay with Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach to enjoy private beach access and proximity to downtown. This family-friendly resort has plenty for kids and adults to enjoy. Let the kids take part in the exciting programs the hotel offers, while mom and dad head off to explore the incredible shopping nearby.

Dubai has come on the radar as an amazing vacation destination with something to offer everyone. You can explore the city on camel or 4×4, relax on the water at a beach resort, sample winter sports at the first indoor ski facility in the Middle East, find amazing shopping opportunities, or enjoy impeccably prepared cuisine. Book a vacation in Dubai and see what the buzz is all about!

Road Travel With A Pet Fish

Betta Fish in tank.

Betta Fish in tank.

Okay so everybody’s on vacation in San Antonio including our little Betta fish.  Yes, you read it right.  We brought our pet with us in San Antonio.  Why? Because we were away for eight days.  Nobody was able to watch our little Lavlee (lovely-that’s what my darling daughter calls it.)  My cousin and her two girls just came back from the Philippines the day we left for San Antonio.  So she was still on a jet lag.  My other girl friend who lives close by went on a road trip with her family.  And my parents-in-law live 93 miles away from us and it would be very inconvenient for them if they will just come over to watch the fish.  So, we came to a decision to just bring it with us.  We put the fish in a big jar with half full conditioned water and hubby poked a few small holes on the lid.  We situated the jar with the fish in it in between our bags and luggage in the car so it won’t spill while we’re driving.

Oh how fun for the little fish.  It had a great adventure with us on our summer vacation.


Simple Business Strategies To Help Build Your Technology Company

a-office people

Technology business owners who are interested in perpetual growth should develop and implement success strategies to help realize their company vision. Doing so can help you pursue ongoing expansion in a more systematic, orderly way. To put your company on the path to growth and expansion, try using the following simple business strategies:

1. Become A Technology Thought Leader.

One of the best ways to put your business on the path to perpetual growth is to become a thought leader in the technology sector. A thought leader is an individual whose contributions to the field of research and public discourse about a subject are considered authoritative. Becoming a thought leader is typically about producing literature (books, journal articles, web content, etc.) that is pertinent to your field. You can start the process of becoming a thought leader today by reading within your sector of the technology field, writing strong pieces, and publishing them. Publishing is the gateway to presenting your findings at technology-related conferences and workshops, so don’t overlook this important step to becoming a thought leader.

2. Optimize Your Timekeeping Measures.


Each of your employees needs to have her or his hours documented quickly and accurately. To make it happen, you should take the time to research the hourkeeping software available in order to select the program that will be most beneficial for your technology company. When you start your search, consider a company like Allied Time. This organization offers a wide range of timeclocks, with both traditional and online methods for recording the number of hours an employee has worked.

3. Invest In Staff Development.

Your staff is almost always your greatest asset or liability as you build your technology business. Since this is so, you should make a point to invest in your staff’s ongoing growth and development. There are many ways that you can accomplish this objective, but one of the most powerful is to have your employees enroll in an ongoing educational course. These courses empower your staff members to build their skill set and remain current regarding industry trends and methodologies.


If you’re serious about moving your technology business forward, it’s important to know that there are several proven techniques that can help put the process in motion. To get started, you should consider the value of becoming a technology thought leader, investing in the right timekeeping measures, and investing in staff development. Using these three strategies can help your technology business start growing in a profound, powerful way. Good luck!