Prevent Yourself From Being Sick While Traveling

If you have health concerns, see your doctor before traveling.  Ask for advice and recommendations regarding your health issues to avoid major problem while you are on a trip or vacation.  If you are flying international, always secure an insurance.

There are many people who are, unfortunately, become ill while on travel.  Some may have gotten the sickness due to the irritants in the surroundings.  Others may already have been carrying an illness that is controllable.  But some of the illnesses just attack without warning.  Heart disease is an example.  So it is highly recommended to keep track of the blood pressure everyday.

Just recently I heard that two of my girl friends became widows.  Their husbands died due to blood clots in the artery.  It was extremely heartbreaking because my friend #1’s husband collapsed in the gym while they were doing workouts.  My friend #2’s husband was found lying in the kitchen floor.  Both died due to blood clot.

We cannot really tell what’s gonna happen. They said prevention is better than cure.  Yes, I agree.  To be able to prevent the illness from occurring or from getting worse, we should seek an advice from health professionals and be in the know about blood clot and it’s risks.

Tips To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

What a lovely day to go on a road travel today. The weather is mostly cloudy and the temperature is in the 70s F. I thought it’s going to rain this morning but it didn’t. But there’s no plan to travel far away except this weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary. My dear husband and I are planning to go on a special trip just the two of us. Yes, it’s husband and wife’s getaway alright. We haven’t been together in a while. This time the little one will be with the aunt and uncle’s care over the weekend. My husband and I are going to spend a special time together.

Special occasions like wedding anniversaries are events that every couple should celebrate to keep the relationship fresh. It is also very important to keep the sweetness to each other. There are few things you can do to celebrate this special occasion.

Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa

Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa

Lunch Date or Dinner Date – Make an advance reservation for your date.  If you are scheduling it on a weekend, better reserve three days in advance because some nice restaurants are fully booked on weekends.

Gifts For Your Sweetheart – If you are giving a gift to your man, a few items can be considered:  watch, belt, polo shirt, wallet, travel planner, passport holder, under garments, hat, or a travel bag.

If you are giving a gift to your woman, here’s a few examples you can buy for her:  jewelry (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet), handbag, shoes, clothes, perfume, customized travel planner, travel bag, kitchen electrics, home decor, or beauty products.  

Getaway – It is one great gift for both of you – a vacation to your dream place or a cruise that you have been looking forward to.  Plan ahead of time like six months ahead.  Travel planning can be stressful if you do it close to your agreed date.  Comparing hotel rates, ticket prices, and cruise packages can take time.  So book your trip soon.  

My husband and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend.  We are just gonna have a dinner date in town. Next year, hopefully, we can go on a vacation for our next wedding anniversary celebration.  

Tips to Buy an Outboard Motor

An outboard motor or engine is one placed on the outside of the boat for easy removal and cleaning. Nowadays, Asian and American manufacturers are trying to make outboard engines for bigger, better and faster vehicles. You have many options to choose from online and in stores when looking for an outboard motor, in fact. Before buying, it is always in your best interest to do some research on the motor, and obviously, buyers should not settle for one that contains rust and other deposits. Know what it takes to buy the best outboard motor for your boating needs by learning more, below:

Make Sure it is Running

This tip seems too obvious, but many buyers forget this basic step and waste a lot of money. The first step is to buy a running motor, so they are encouraged to inspect the motor up close before buying it. Too many people buy an old motor because it is cheap, but they don’t always ensure that it works first, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap.

Buy the Right Model

Some motors are built only for specific boat models. As a buyer, you must look at the serial number to make the right match. Any engine could be too small or large for your boat. Some boats require a lot of power, so make sure that the motor is equipped for the tasks.

Check Out the Age

Check out the age of your motor. Know how long the owner used it and for what purposes. Checking the age is necessary to determine the amount of wear and tear. However, a young engine could have more wear and tear than a very old one.

Check Out the Condition

The condition of the engine is another factor that must be reviewed carefully before purchase. The conditions usually vary from poor to excellent. The best condition engines do not contain any rust, debris, marks or sludgy fluid deposits. However, if you have money, you can invest in professionals who do engine reconditioning work, should you decide on a motor that is of poorer condition. You do not want an engine that costs more than the boat, however. A boating mechanic is the best person to turn to for a careful analysis.

The outboard motor is necessary to power any boat that will travel a far distance. With the right engine, you can control the way that you steer the boat, how much power you give it and more. Retailers like Online Outboards offer outboard motors chosen by size, cost, model, steering and horsepower, number of cylinders and type of fuel. Working with a reputable company like this can ensure you choose the right motor for your boat.

Visit Your Local Parks And Zoo


Park with a pond.

It is Spring time again.  Yes.  We are very excited about new blooms in my garden in front of my house.  This is the time of the year when people are starting to go out and about.

Spring time is a great time to visit parks and zoos. During the Spring Break, kids and families go on trips out of town, out of state, out of the country, and even go on a cruise. A few of my friends went on a cruise this passed Spring Break. But one of the the most visited places is the zoo.

I haven’t been to the zoo since…I don’t know. I accompanied my cousin on his Field Trip to the Manila Zoo when he was in the second grade. I think that was in 1998. I was in my late teens then. I didn’t appreciate the trip at that time because I had to watch for my cousin to be sure he’s safe at all times. We didn’t have any photos because I didn’t have my own camera that time. And cellphones were still in the making at the time. So I didn’t have photos as souvenir from that trip.

When the time came that I was able to earn money and got to buy a digital camera, I took pictures whenever I get the chance.  So when my husband took me to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and Fort Worth Zoo, I took tons of pictures.  A camera is one of the important travel items to take with you anywhere you go. :)

At the zoo.

At the zoo.

A Second Opinion

During the life of a business or an individual, there can be difficulties that can occur. There can be a problem with an employee, or there can be an issue with finances that can be the result of an insider or an outsider. Whatever the case is, it can help to bring in a second opinion that can prove to be extremely beneficial in terms of what to do.

A Fresh Look
When going through challenges, it can be difficult for people to keep things in perspective. There is a tendency in many people to focus on the problem so closely that other important items and projects do not get accomplished. Resources and revenue that would normally go out to attract new customers and provide quality services may be diverted to address a problem. A second opinion, which can be a consultant or a team of individuals, can provide people with a fresh look that is needed.

Receiving Guidance
After a fresh look has occurred, guidance and direction can be provided in what to do. An individual can make recommendations within a company as how to proceed. In some cases, a consultant can serve as a financial expert witness in case if a situation goes to court.

As a result of being from an outside business, an individual or team can give honest feedback that can be quite helpful. Some feedback may be difficult to hear. However, people and businesses can make better decisions in the future.