The Benefits of Housing at Clemson University

The college experience is unlike any other. There will never be another time in your life full of so much discovery, so much social interaction, and so much fun. These facets of the college life are just a part of the reason why living in on campus housing at Clemson University is so integral to getting the full effect of the college experience. You may want to save a little bit of money by living at home and commuting to school, or living off campus, but what you’ll miss out on by not living on campus will more than be outweighed by the amazing experiences that you can have when you choose campus housing. Keep reading for just a few of the benefits that come with living on the Clemson campus.

A Built-in Social Network

One of the biggest benefits of living in campus housing is the built-in social network. Rather than going out of your way to try and be social, you will be at the center of a group of students just like you. This means that parties, weekend socials, dances, and study groups will spring up organically, and you will be in a position to participate in whichever of these activities interest you. Studying with someone or getting tutored by an advanced student might be just as easy as walking down the hall to another apartment! This convenience factor and social network are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of campus housing.

Campus Housing Is Convenient


Campus housing is not only convenient in the social sense, but also because you’ll be so close to campus and all of the resources of that campus that you’ll be able to easily take advantage of all that your university has to offer. The housing at Clemson University is the perfect way to ensure that you are close enough to campus that you won’t have to pay for parking, you are at the center of all that’s going on socially, and that you get the full effect of the college experience. The price you pay for your monthly rent is more than worth it for the experiences and education that you’ll carry for the rest of your life.

Hotel Cancellation Policy Inquiry

Unfortunately, our trip to the Fort Worth supposedly today is cancelled due to a severe and dangerous thunderstorm.  It was raining this morning and the wind was blowing like crazy since last night.  I already made a room reservation at Extended Stay America Hotel in Fort Worth (the one we stayed in a few years back) yesterday afternoon.  The lowest room rate given to me was $80.99 including tax.  It’s kinda high.  But it’s lower than the other hotels I called.

So we had to cancel the reservation.  I called and talked to the hotel’s staff to check for the hotel’s cancellation policy.  I chose to be transferred to the front desk since I talked to someone there when I placed my reservation.  A guy answered and I asked him about the hotel’s cancellation policy.  Although I already have an idea what hotels’ cancellation policies are (may differ from others), I still asked them to verify.  Usually if you want to cancel a room reservation, it should be done within 24 hours before the check in time to avoid charges.

After exchanging greetings, the guy asked my name to check for the reservation. I gave it to him also the time that I placed the reservation yesterday.  He had a bit of difficulty finding it. I admit my last name is hard to pronounce and spelling it on the phone is difficult.  I suggested if he can find my reservation thru the reservation confirmation number.  He said he can’t do anything with that. I was like, huh?  Anyway, after a few minutes he found it. I asked him again what’s the cancellation policy and if there is a charge or something.  He had me on hold for about 3 minutes.  When he got back, he told me to call back at noon because the manager is not in until that time. Alright.

Let me ask you this.  Was that a poor training or I just didn’t talk to the right person in the right department?  Or maybe that guy is a new employee? I called again at noon today and talked to someone at the reservations.  I gave him the reservation confirmation number and immediately he pulled it up.  I told him I am cancelling my reservation.  He gave me a cancellation number and told me there’s no charge.

Oh well, we will schedule our trip again.  Hopefully, it will be soon.

Great Attractions For The Family

We had a great dinner this evening.  My family and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant nearby.  My dear husband and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this week and a special dinner at El Rodeo Restaurant is always great.  We both like Mexican food.  Chicken and beef fajitas are a click to us.

This weekend, we are taking the little one to the Fort Worth zoo this time.  It’s named as the top zoo in the country and was placed in the top 10 zoos in the USA.  We lived in Fort Worth for two years and the zoo was one of the main attractions in the city.  To me, Spring and Fall are the best times to go visit the zoo.  Besides Spring break days, the temperature is not high during these months.

Another attraction to visit in Fort Worth is the Stockyards and the museums.  Located in the heart of Fort Worth, the Stockyards is the place to explore the city’s history.  The very first time I visited the place, I fell in love with it.  Places with great history and magnificent heritage are interesting to visit.  And bringing your kids to these attractions is ideal because it is educational.  Plus, trips like these can also become bonding times with family and friends.

I just hope that the weather wouldn’t be so bad this weekend.  I hate it when a good trip is ruined due to bad weather.

Fort Worth Zoo is in Fort Worth, Texas USA

Better Gas Up Before It’s Too Late

First time getting fuel from Race Trac.

First time getting fuel from Race Trac.

I took my daughter to her dentist appointment this afternoon.  The weather was very beautiful but boy it was so breezy!  It felt like the wind was going to blow me away.  :)  I thought we will be super late on the appointment but we arrived just in time.

After the dental appointment, we headed on to pick up a framed art work I bought online last week.  I thought my car will still have enough gas to the destination and back.  There was still two bars on the fuel meter when I checked.  But after a few miles, a bar was blinking.  And so, I panicked a little bit because finding a gas station is a pain sometimes.  I was driving through a business area which is full of fast food chains and stores.  No gas station in sight.  When I crossed the state highway, I found a Race Trac gas station (thank goodness!).  Although it’s not my preferred fueling station, I went ahead anyway.  I always fill my car with gasoline before I travel out of town but this time I didn’t pay attention to it which is not good.  It is better to check your vehicle’s gas meter and gas up before going somewhere.

The price per gallon of gasoline as of the moment is $3.48 and it’s not funny.  It’s getting higher and higher every year.  Does it make sense to you?  How much more can it get this summer?

Anyway, my darling daughter and I had a great day and enjoyed our traveling today.  Now we have to get our Easter eggs ready for tomorrow’s egg hunt out of town.

A Handy Tool

It is very common in our household to have small kitchen utensils and gadgets that we use everyday especially in cooking.  Most of us have complete set of utensils and gadgets in our household.  Same thing in restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

The most common utensil besides silverware is a knife.  Sharp utensils like knives are very useful in cooking.  Cutting meats, vegetables, fruits can be very easy because of these.  In some cases, other people have extra knives like folding knives that are used in some immediate purposes in the house.  An example of this is quick cutting of strings, ropes, or threads.  This is one reason why my father is looking for folding knives for sale.  He works as an extra in carpentry job in our area and this piece of tool is very handy in cutting nylons and strings.  He is also very particular in the quality.  Of course, Kershaw knives for sale online is known to have high quality in this type of objects.

In the house or in any places, sharp things like knives should be kept out of reach of children.  They should also be out of sight in public places.  Safety should always be the highest priority especially when traveling.