Top 10 Reasons To Choose A Cottage Holiday

Whilst everyone has their own preferences and personal tastes when it comes to deciding what makes the perfect holiday, there’s undeniably a certain charm and rustic appeal associate with a cottage getaway. But what exactly is it about this type of holiday that makes it such a popular choice?

1. Affordable

Many people find that their budget can’t quite stretch to an exotic, faraway destination or they simply can’t get the time off work they want. A holiday cottage is ideal for a long weekend or quick break, allowing you to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and still have some money left over at the end.


A self-catering holiday offers the chance to get the whole family under one roof and spend some quality time together. Not only do these types of getaways offer the chance to enjoy a multitude offamily-friendly outdoor activities, many modern holiday homes now come fully equipped with an
array of child-friendly amenities to help keep any boredom at bay, including game rooms and wifi access.

3. Bespoke

With a holiday let, it’s easy to tailor your break to suit your personal needs. To create your dream holiday, you can select the accommodation to suit your individual tastes and party size, as well as the type of location you want. To make your holiday truly special and unique, reputable sites such as Lakelovers offer a variety of unique, bespoke rental cottages that can be customised to suit you and
your family’s specific tastes.

4. Stunning locations

Whilst many of us choose to jetset across the globe, some of the most beautiful locations can be found right here on your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed beachside getaway in Cornwall or want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the picturesque Lake District, a cottage holiday offers the ideal chance to soak up your surroundings and enjoy some of the country’s most
spectacular scenery.

5. Home-comforts

The beauty of a holiday home is that there are no unnecessary formalities. Providing a home-from-home experience complete with all the comforting amenities you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay, you can fully relax and be your self – just as you would in your very own home.

6. Traditional

When we think of a cottage getaway, the image of a rustic building nestled amongst rural countryside is likely to spring to mind. A country retreat provides the chance to experience a quaint way of life; whether you’re getting cosy by the log fire or opening the front door to lush woodland
and sprawling lakes, there’s a certain charm and ‘back-to-nature’ feel that is unique to these types
of holidays.

7. Pet-friendly

One of the biggest worries many holiday-goers face is having to leave their beloved pooch at home. Many holiday homes are dog-friendly, removing the hassle of having to put your dog in a kennel or under someone elses care while you’re away. Not only that, your dog is bound to relish the
opportunity to explore new territory and be involved in the family fun!

8. Stress-free planning

Unlike a holiday abroad, a cottage let doesn’t require a huge amount of pre-planning. You can forget about passports, travel vaccinations and flight times: all you need to consider in advance is taking the appropriate clothing, a stash of food, board games, bikes – and anything else to keep you entertained!

9. Variety

Unlike a hotel or resort, holiday lets can range from a cosy romantic break for two, a remote country cottage for a family get together or a modern town house situated in the centre of the action – the list really is endless. With such variety on offer, your cottage holiday can be whatever you want it to be!

10. Freedom

Whether you want to explore your surroundings or stay right where you are, the beauty of a cottage stay is that you have the freedom to come and go as you please. You can cook, eat and wake up whenever you wish to fit around your own schedule and tailor your day to suit your needs.

Beach Essentials – What You Should Take When Going To The Beach

As you know I love going to the beach.  I like walking on the shore and feel the waves splash on my feet.  The sound of the waves rolling to the shore is kind of relaxing.  Though the heat of the sun drains you in the summer when you’re at the beach, taking time to sit down under a beach umbrella with an ice cold water is enough to bring back your energy.

Besides wearing your favorite swimwear, you should not forget these very important essentials before going to the beach.

1.  Cooler with drinks and snacks – If the beach resort allows it, you can bring cold drinks (except alcoholic beverages, of course) water, juice, and a few sodas and snacks with you.  When we were in Galveston Island, food and drinks were allowed at Stewart Beach.  We brought a big cooler full of beverages.  And a bag full of summer essentials and snacks.  It is highly recommended to bring water or juice wherever you go in the summertime to keep us hydrated.

2.  Sunscreen – A very important thing to bring to the beach is sunscreen.  Skin protection from harmful UV rays from the sun should not be ignored most especially if you are going to the beach with kids.

3.  Towels – It is great to bring your own towels to the beach rather than taking the hotel provided towels.  We always bring extra towels from home.

4.  Sunglasses – Thumbs up to these accessories that they protect our eyes from the bright sunlight in the summertime.

5.  Water shoes – Okay, walking barefoot on the sand is nice once in a while.  But you would want to wear water shoes at the beach because you’ll never know what you’re stepping on to.  Especially when you go into the seawater for a swim.

6.  A Roll of Paper Towel – This is for other wiping purposes if you don’t want to use your extra towels to wipe off food or something.

7.  A few cups – I don’t know about you but I like bringing cups for some reason.

8.  Shampoo – This is very handy when showering after swimming in the ocean.  I don’t like the feeling of the salty water on my skin and hair so I always shower and shampoo after beach day.

How about you?  Is there something more you want to add to the above mentioned beach essentials?

Flight Training in Australia

Anyone who has received flight training in Australia can testify to the awe- inspiring beauty of this country. This land of majesty and mystery takes on a completely new dimension when viewed from the air. The mountains and sea shores, the rivers and deserts, all reflect an ancient regal splendor. And, to make the best even better, these sights are spectacular when viewed in an inverted position such as that experienced with loops and rolls made possible through aerobatics. Certified flight instructors of the Australia Aerobatic Academy teach basic as well as advanced flight training, emergency maneuvering and recoveries.

The academy has fully trained and experienced flight instructors who provide flight training courses for individuals beginning with the basic how-to-fly courses and continuing all the way to completion and the receipt of a private pilot license. They also make available to these pilots courses that even include the techniques necessary for competitive flying.

For the fun and the thrill of it, the instructors teach the basic maneuvers associated with aerobatics. From basic flight training to aerobatic training to advanced airplane handling, trainees are given full and complete instructions on the ins and outs as well as the dos and don’ts of flying and aerobatics. There is no more fulfilling an experience than to know that you have been fully trained and can operate a plane entirely on your own. If you are a seasoned pilot and want to learn about aerobatics, if you are a novice flyer and need further flight training, or if you are a dare-devil who wants to enter competitions for aerobatics, research the bountiful services made available through the academy.

For those on holiday and looking for an easier way to enjoy the sights of Australia, or for any interested party, the academy provides sightseeing tours of Australia. As you ascend up-up-and-away, you have a private portal to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Australia. In a much shorter time than you could ever view it from the ground, you can experience a private viewing of the gorgeous terrains and other landscapes that exist in Australia.

The Australia Aerobatic Academy offers a special joy flight that not only affords beautiful views of the land but also provides heart-pounding aerial stunts of rolls and loops that are guaranteed to add more excitement to your tour. If you have a strong constitution and an iron will, this is exactly what you need to get those extra thrills you’ve been missing.

In addition, the academy arranges for on board training during the scenic flight by allowing you to do some loop or roll maneuvering that would not be possible otherwise. Instructors are close at hand to talk you through the proper actions and safety regulations. If you have a need to show off to a friend, a family member or a co-worker, this service is ideal. Show them how much courage you possess while you roll and tumble the plane as they turn a little green. To find out more about the academy, check out their website at

Consular Outreach In Texas

I am very happy and thankful that the renewal of my expired passport went smoothly this morning and I was able to finish the report of my daughter’s birth early. My appointment for the passport renewal was 9:30 A.M. and the report of birth was 10:30 A.M.  It didn’t take 20 minutes for the passport renewal process because everything was systematic.  For this reason, I was able to do the report of birth process and finished altogether at 11:00 A.M.

Thanks to the Philippine Consulate General (Los Angeles) for the Consular Outreach in Texas. It’s a huge convenience for us acquiring the services than flying to LA to get these done.  And a big thank you to the PACC Texas (Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce) for making this Consular Outreach in Dallas possible.

Along with the train this morning.

Along with the train this morning on my way to the Consular Outreach in Dallas.

I woke up very early and headed to the Consular Outreach venue in Irving after I got cleaned up and a cup of coffee.  It’s the very first time I went to the outreach by myself.  So I had to use my GPS to help me navigate.  Because it’s a Sunday, the traffic wasn’t bad at all.  Two miles close to the outreach location, I decided to grab a bite to eat so I stopped at a Mc Donald’s.  I had some hotcakes and a free cup of coffee.

Free coffee at Mc Donald's.

Free coffee at Mc Donald’s.

Consular Outreach in Texas services rendered:

Passport Renewal
New Passport Application
Report of Birth
Report of Marriage
Application for Dual Citizenship

Before Relocating to Australia There Are Three Facts Every Briton Should Know

It can be exciting to move from the United Kingdom to Australia but there are some concerns. Sometimes people move without even visiting Australia first. Making a move to the land Down Under is often compulsive. Family or a job offer is sometimes the reason for the move. Sometimes people from the UK move mostly because they like the thought of having an adventure. You must know three important facts, regardless of why you are moving to Australia from the UK.

1. Expenses in Australia – Australia is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, regardless of the average annual salary of $73,000. It is impossible to plan too much for Australia relocation. Financial planning is a must.

2. Financial Plans – Failed financial plans have resulted in 30% of Britons returning home after a move to Australia. They were so excited about moving but they forgot to make a solid financial plan. 

3. Too Much Information – People have an unlimited amount of information on the Internet. While this is remarkable, it can be overwhelming. It is best to be able to cut through the information that is not important and focus on the information that is most useful.

Sometimes people love the thought of moving to a new country/continent and experiencing a new culture. However, they do not understand how to move to Australia and how it takes a lot of work to make sure the move will be successful. There are services that help Britons with the realistic parts of a move from the United Kingdom to Australia. The Expat Concierge is a service that specializes in helping Britons who are migrating to Australia. More information about help moving to Australia can be found at