Get A Car Insurance That Fits Your Lifestyle And Budget

It is very important to take really good care of your car.

It is very important to take really good care of your car.

A quality insurance provider should be concerned with more than just getting you adequate coverage on your car insurance or trying to up their commission. A good agent focuses on providing quality customer service and adding value that goes beyond expectations. With so many companies and providers available, you don’t have to stay with one that offers you anything less than the best. Here are some signs that it’s time to shop around for a new provider.

1. Unexplained rate hikes. If you have a spotty driving record or you’ve been found at fault in an accident, you’ll expect your insurance rates to be a little higher than average or to temporarily increase. However, if you find that your agency offers less than competitive rates or that your rates have gone up unexpectedly without reason, it’s time to look elsewhere for coverage.

2. Evasiveness. A professional agent will readily answer any questions or concerns that you have. They should also be able to explain the details of your insurance contract and provide accurate information. If your agent doesn’t have facts at hand, doesn’t know where to find vital information or avoids giving you direct, concise answers to your questions, you’re better off finding an agent who can.

3. Not answering or returning calls in a timely manner. If you’re constantly playing phone tag or your agent cuts your calls short, they’re not showing you the kind of respect and service you deserve. You need to know that if you’ve been involved in an accident or you have an emergency, your agent will be there to assist you when you need them.

4. Pushing you to buy services or coverage you don’t need. Your agent is your advocate. If they’re constantly trying to sell you unnecessary coverage or up-sell you on other products, chances are they’re more worried about their bottom line than they are about your best interests. A good agent will find you the maximum amount of insurance at a rate that fits your lifestyle and budget.

You don’t have to stick with a company out of habit or use a certain carrier because that’s the one your parents always used. Insurance agents in Austin can be found through such resources as auto club recommendations and even online rate comparisons. It’s important to find the best provider for your needs, so shop around until you feel comfortable with your agent and in what their company has to offer you.


The Important Hotel Room Amenities

We checked in at La Quinta Inn Hotel – West in Galveston Island.  The rate is somewhat acceptable since it’s a very busy season and the hotel is located at the beach front.  My mother-in-law recommended the hotel because it’s where she usually buy accommodations whenever she goes to Galveston to visit her family and her parents’ grave.  Mom is from Galveston Island.

Microwave oven is one of the important amenities in a hotel room.

Microwave oven is one of the important amenities in a hotel room.

When finding a hotel to stay in, we always look for amenities that are very useful.  Besides the common hotel room amenities like hot shower and tub, refrigerator, and television, we would like the room to have a microwave oven and hair dryer.  We love to drink coffee in the morning and a microwave oven is very handy in heating water.  We usually bring instant coffee and a microwave-safe mug with us when traveling.  Also because I warm up milk for my daughter in the mornings and evenings.

Hair dryers are very handy, too.  Some of us likes to bathe at night before going to sleep.  And I my daughter and I take showers at night.  After a night swimming at the beach or in the pool, it is best to have a hair dryer in the hotel room’s bathroom to dry our hair before going to bed or before going out.

These are some of great amenities that hotels should provide their guests.

Itinerary For The Galveston Trip

The hotel room was reserved two weeks before our trip.  And before we left for our summer vacation, we have talked about the activities and attractions we’re going to do and to visit.  Below was the simple itinerary of our trip.

August 3, Sunday – Leave at 11:00 A.M.

  • Check in at La Quinta Inn West Galveston upon arrival.
  • Dinner.

August 4, Monday – Breakfast.  Visit some attractions at the Moody Gardens.  Dinner.

  • Visit the Moody Gardens – The Aquarium, The Discovery, and The Learning Pyramids
  • Lunch
  • Board The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

August 5, Tuesday – Breakfast.  Beach day!  Dinner.

August 6, Wednesday – Breakfast.  Go to Schlitterbahn.  Dinner.

August 7, Thursday – Breakfast.  Check out and go to Kemah, Texas to buy some seafood.

Head to Tyler after lunch and visit the folks.  Dinner with the family.

August 8, Friday – Visiting with the family in Tyler.

August 9, Saturday – Brunch.  Go home.

It was a wonderful summer vacation.  We had a great time in Galveston.

Passport Renewal

I am freaking out.  Why?  My passport is expiring soon.  My dear husband’s too.  We both need to renew our passports by December this year or else, we will be having a hard time with passport renewal.

I don’t know but it just came up to me suddenly the urge to open the Philippine Consulate in LA website today.  And I was very glad that there is going to be an outreach program in Dallas, Texas in September.  According to the website, the outreach program schedule is confirmed.  That means that the scheduling for appointment for the passport renewal, dual citizenship, report of birth and marriage services will be announced very soon.  And I am keeping my eyes on it.  My husband told me that he wants us to go on a long vacation overseas next year so I don’t want to miss this chance.  His passport is due for renewal VERY SOON and I will keep reminding him until he goes to the US Passport Renewal Office or until he mails his passport renewal application.

In my case, I have to send a filled-up passport form in advance to the Philippine Consulate office in LA to get an appointment scheduled because the slots are limited.  Actually, the form and requirements are ready to send.  I am now waiting for the next official announcement or press release from the Philippine Consulate office with regards to start date of accepting the applications.

Enjoy the Sights And Sounds Of A Texas Town In Historic San Antonio


Touring picturesque, historic San Antonio is a great way to spend a vacation. The entire family can enjoy all of the activities and scenery that the city has to offer. There are many beautiful spots in this Texas town that should not be missed when visiting the area. can assist vacationers in seeing the city through the planning of small groups of up to fourteen individuals who are all interested in enjoying their time in Texas. A guided tour will help vacationers get the most out of any excursion, and San Antonio has much to offer to visitors.

The touring website lists two trips that take visitors to different areas within San Antonio. These trips provide various opportunities to see and enjoy the sights and activities of the area. The Orientation Tour features stops at the Alamo, various missions, the River Walk, and points of interest in the downtown portion of the city. This particular tour lasts from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon.

The Highlights Tour is of shorter duration, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is an abbreviated Orientation Tour. The journey eliminates visits to the missions and takes less time in the central part of the city. Visitors can decide which tour will fulfill their requirements the best.

A vacation in San Antonio will provide a wonderful excursion for entire families, and a guided tour is one of the nicest ways to take in the sights of this beautiful location.