Unconventional Lighting Ideas

Have you simply fallen out of love with your décor? Perhaps you are looking around and you love your furnishings, colors, patterns, art, etc., but something just feels “off” about the space. Well, there is a very good chance that it could simply be your lighting. Do you still have boring traditional ceiling lights or ceiling fans with lights, even though you never turn the fans on? Lighting plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of a space. A few small lighting changes may be all that is needed to give your home a quick facelift.

Track Lighting – The cool thing about track lighting is you can direct it where you want it. So, if you have an interesting sculpture on a corner shelf that gets lost in the darkness, or if you want your Southwestern plates displayed above your cupboards to be the center of attention, direct your track lighting at the elements you want illuminated.

Indoor Fountains – Sometimes, all a room needs is a little mood lighting. For example, if you are watching a movie, you don’t necessarily want the lamp on right next to you, but a soft glow in the room would be nice. Indoor fountains serve this purpose perfectly. May have LEDs that highlight the water. This also makes them ideal for the wall at the end of a dark hallway, or to serve as a nightlight in a child’s rom. Many stores like Indoor Fountain Pros offer water fountains online.

Sconces – Wall sconces can go pretty much anywhere. They create an intriguing look when installed on either side of a headboard of sofa. They are also great for long hallways, but be sure they are mounted high enough where someone is not going to walk right into one when the lights are out.

Recessed Lighting – Although recessed lighting is great in the ceiling, its best used in unexpected places, like under the kitchen cabinets or built right into the art niches in your wall.

table lamp

Lamps – One of the most practical lighting options is a lamp. There are a lot of unique ones that definitely double as art when they are not turned on, but you can also buy a very simple one, and just change the lampshade now-and-then for an entirely different look.

Pendant Lighting – If you haven’t actually shopped for pendant lighting in the past couple years, you may find yourself pretty overwhelmed and delighted by the selection. Designers have truly gotten creative with this option. Always make sure pendant lights are not hung so low that the average person is going to hit their head.

Table Top Computer Screens At Olive Garden

My darling daughter and I together with my dear husband had lunch with our friend and DD’s godmother JT at Olive Garden in Plano Thursday.  It is one of favorite restaurants.  The spaghetti is good and their Chicken Marsala is awesome.  It was nice we got to see JT today.  We haven’t get together in a while.  This time, our other friend Mr. T wasn’t able to join us because of some huge work load.  My dear husband and JT were already in Olive Garden Restaurant when we arrived.  It was freezing cold that day that we had to bundle up two layers of clothes besides our coats.

While waiting for our orders I was kind of wondering what this black thing on the table was for.  My dear husband and JT didn’t pay attention to it because they were busy talking.  I looked at it and it has a screen. This thing is an electronic device or gadget. Good thing my little girl didn’t notice it or else she will be messing with it.

Our food didn’t take long to arrive.  DH had Lasagna, JT had Chicken Parmesan, DD had Spaghetti and Broccoli, and I had Chicken Marsala.  Before these were served, JT and I had vegetable soup.  As always, lunch at Olive Garden is very filling.

Now here’s a thing.  Paying didn’t have to go through the waitress.  We had to do it right there at our table using this tabletop computer screen.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out how to pay the bill.  Paying with a credit card or a debit card is easy because you can swipe right there and then.  So cool.  I just don’t know how secure it is.

Table top computer screen

Table top computer screen

After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would want to receive your receipt.

After paying the bill, the device is giving you the option how you would like to receive your receipt.

We wanted our receipts printed.

We wanted our receipts printed.

Great Ideas To Consider To Make Your Special Event Memorable

If you want to experience luxury in celebrating the special events in your life, a well-organized event in a perfect venue is very ideal and worth cherishing.  We usually hire a photographer to capture every angle of the special day.  Yes, it’s one of the wonderful ideas to consider.  But how about capturing that special moment in film?  Some of us do that.  I agree. Besides photographs, filming the special occasion as you celebrate it with elegance and charm in the best places in the world is going to be memorable.  A keen planning is required for this to become very successful.

Indoor Party – Local hotels are top picks of some people who want the celebration to be kind of exclusive.  There won’t be interruptions in filming the special occasion.  Also, you don’t have to worry when bad weather comes.

Outdoor Party – If you love traveling and vacation, beaches and national parks are great for this option.  A well-decorated area is appealing when taking videos of the special event.  The only disadvantage is bad weather forecast.

Event Planner – If you have a family member who is great in event planning, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to venue booking and decorations.  He or she can take care of everything for you in no time.  But if you would like to consider hiring one, click here for details.

Don Felipe Hotel – Convenience And Affordability


The Holidays are just around the corner and whenever I feel the cold breeze when November comes I couldn’t help but think of Christmas.  I see Christmas decorations on display in stores and it makes me feel cheerful.  And it always reminds me of our first Holiday vacation.

I remember when my family and I were on vacation in the Philippines two years ago.  It was our first trip there during the Holidays.  We stayed at Don Felipe Hotel and Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City, Leyte and visited my parents and my siblings twice a week.  We also had my baby sister and niece wish us in the hotel to keep us company on weekends.  The first two weeks of our vacation was very busy.  So the remaining two weeks was very laid back and relaxing.

Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.

Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.


Don Felipe Hotel in Ormoc City is an old hotel but the rooms are maintained very well.  When we were there in December 2012, there was a repair going on but it didn’t affect the service.  The room rates are very affordable.  The staff were very friendly and helpful.  I saw two students (from the school I worked before) working in the front desk.  It was very nice to see them again.  The hotel restaurant was cozy and the food was great.  The food price was reasonable, too.  The hotel is located in front of the Ormoc Bay.  It’s location is very ideal because it’s very close to the market, grocery stores, and transportation – bus terminal, jeepney terminal, ferry boats, and utility vans.  Because the transportation terminals are right across the road where the hotel is, expect the noise when you go out to the veranda. :)

I lived in Leyte for years but that was the very first time I stayed in Don Felipe Hotel.  I highly recommend this hotel if you choose convenience and affordability.

A New Twist on Travel Savings

Today, the popular way to save money on a vacation is to use a website that compares hotels and airfare to attempt to get the lowest price. Although there is some money saved doing this, you end up dealing with several different companies for your vacation. Now, there is a new twist to the old concept of a travel agency that lets you to buy everything related to your vacation from one company while still saving a lot of money.

Basically, the concept is done through a group membership. Everyone belongs to the same travel group, and this enables people to save a lot of money on their vacation costs. Membership is free and there are no obligations after joining. You still book your online vacation the way you normally would, but the process becomes easier. In essence, you are using a single travel agency to find and purchase everything you need for your vacation while enjoying the savings of a comparative hotel and travel vacation site.

What makes this concept even better is that many companies will offer rewards to their customers. The more that is booked through the company the greater the rewards. These rewards can come in the form of points or dollars that can be used to purchase things for your next vacation. This is a new concept that is only now catching on in the travel industry, and because there is no charge for using the service, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. One example of this type of company is Escape and Earn.