Tips for Traveling in Dubai

Dubai City-UAE

City Of Dubai, UAE (Photo taken by my aunt.)

There are some tips that foreigners should be aware of when traveling in Dubai. It’s good to be aware of customs, social expectations, ways to save money and more when visiting a new place outside of your own country. Here are just a few of the basics regarding travel in Dubai.


Some of you may not be aware that lodging in Dubai can be quite expensive. However, there are ways to find cheap hotels in Dubai if you know where to look. Some neighborhoods are known for being home to less expensive hotels. Deira is one such neighborhood, and it is located a bit north of Dubai. Its location makes it convenient for exploring old Dubai, rather than the newer and pricier new areas of Dubai. Historic marketplaces and other such attractions make this area desirable for tourists. Bur Dubai is another area where travelers can find less expensive lodging. On the western side of Dubai Creek, this historic neighborhood offers a picturesque and traditional atmosphere.

Eating and Drinking

The most popular nights for going out to socialize and eat at Dubai establishments are Thursdays and Fridays. Ladies’ nights are often scheduled for Mondays, but they tend not to be overcrowded with men looking to find dates. So ladies can just enjoy a free night of fun with their friends. While the temperatures in Dubai can be quite hot be prepared with a sweater when dining out as restaurants often crank the air conditioning up high. Groups of men may be looked down upon in some higher-end establishments. Public drunkenness can have severe penalties, including jail time so be aware. Drunk driving is also strictly enforced. Violators are usually found guilty and jailed. during Ramadan eating and drinking before sundown are not allowed, and establishments may close during other religious observances, as well.

Getting Around the City

The address system in Dubai is obscure. Even cab drivers may not know where to find the smaller streets and establishments. Always call ahead to learn the nearest large landmark for navigation purposes. If the Dubai Metro connects to your destination, it’s the way to go, as it’s clean and inexpensive. Cabbies are paid poorly, so it’s nice to leave a tip. Be careful when crossing the street as a pedestrian; drivers do not always follow the rules. Women should dress modestly in public, and couples will want to do little more than hold hands to show affection.

These are just a few basic tips when it comes to visiting Dubai. Enjoy your trip!

Celebrating A Promotion

Outback Steak House Restaurant-Plano

Outback Steak House Restaurant-Plano

It’s a great start of 2015 for us.  Me and the whole family were so proud because my dear husband to promoted again at work.  He is now second to the highest position in his department.  We’re very thankful for the blessings and for the manner that his hard work is recognized.  We went to see the folks in January to celebrate my birthday, and together with that, we also celebrated my hubby’s promotion.  We went to Shogun Restaurant and Grill in Tyler.

And for the second celebration, we went to Outback Steak House Restaurant in Plano.  We used the gift card that I have won from a game at a Christmas Party.  It’s odd because Outback Steak House doesn’t open until after noon.  They are not open at lunch time.  The food was okay.  The ones we got were a little salty.  So my rating for them is 3.5 stars.

What is this for?

What is this for?

My husband and I haven’t been to Outback Steak House before, so we were expecting that they’ll have great food.  I am just wondering why they’re not open at lunch time though.  I guess they have more customers in the evening.

Four Things To Look For In A Casino

These days, individuals who travel or vacation are interested in gaining access to the best casinos out there. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that there are several strategies you should be looking for in a casino. Here are four:

Excellent Management

One of the first things you should look for in a casino is excellent management. When the casino is being run by a group of experienced, educated professionals, the likelihood that you’ll attain precise, proficient service increases exponentially. To learn about the management capacities of a casino, just visit the company’s website and see what they have going on. For example, if you were to visit Sid Vaikunta’s site, you would discover that this individual has attained extensive experience in the hotel and casino industry and now successfully operates as a general manager for the Echo Entertainment Group.

An Established Brand

Yet another thing you should look for in a casino is an established brand. One of the questions you should ask to determine whether a casino has an established brand is how long it’s been in operation. You should also learn more about whether it has operated successfully since the date it opened. In addition to learning about how established the brand is, do what you can to figure out what type of reputation the casino has. You can accomplish this objective in several ways, such as by going on to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website and learning more about what type of rating and accreditation the company has. Yet another strategy you can implement to learn more about the casino’s reputation is to read any online reviews that exist about the company.

Stellar Customer Service

If you’re really ready to have a blast the next time you visit a casino, be sure that you select a company that offers stellar customer service. When you go to the casino, you want to attain precise, proficient services from a team of passionate professionals who truly want to make you feel at home. To realize this goal, select a casino that is known for treating its customers with both warmth and professionalism.

Excellent Refund Policies

No matter how confident you are that a casino will operate in excellence and exceptionalism, there’s always a small risk that you will be dissatisfied with some product or service. If this time comes, it will be important that you have access to a great refund policy that enables you to get your money back. For this reason, it’s important that you select a casino that offers you an excellent refund policy.


When you’re ready to visit a casino for business or pleasure, it’s important that you select one with absolutely amazing products and services. To ensure that you can, be sure to look for the aforementioned four characteristics in a casino company.

Fun Activities To Do In Summer

There is not much you can do in the Spring when it comes to recreation.  But in the summer, everyone is very excited to be near the water or in the water.  Nothing beats the serenity and enjoyment you can get when vacationing at the beach or by the lake.

Since we are living close to the lakes here in Texas, here are few recreation ideas to do:

Boating – Some residents own a boat so whenever possible, they come to the lake for boating leisure.  Some go on a fishing adventure or just swim.

Camping - If you are adventurous, camping by the lake is also a nice outdoor activity.  This can be done with the family, friends, groups, or clubs.  It is always safe to camp with a company.

Picnic – There are picnic areas by the lake that people can take advantage with.  It’s always fun to hold picnics and summer parties at the lake.  Lots of tables and benches with roof are ready to occupy.  There are also trash cans provided so we can keep the picnic area and the lake clean at all times.

Jet Skiing – Those who own jet skis can do jet skiing, too.  It’s great to do in the hot summer sun.

Fishing – Besides boating, fishing is also a fun thing to do at the lake.  My husband and I are planning to go fishing this summer.  Fishing gears can be bought at your favorite sports and outdoors store.

Which Of These Docks Would You Consider To Build?

Boaters have a lot more options when it comes to building a dock, than they did in years past. The old standby, wood, has been joined by aluminum and now even plastics. Each has pros and cons affecting everything from immediate and long term costs, to aesthetic and style needs.

Wood docks are of course the original type that have been available for centuries. Aesthetically speaking, these docks have a rustic charm that can fit almost any setting. Wood is an affordable option that will last many years with proper care. That’s the key, though—proper care. Wood needs to be frequently repaired and treated with preservatives to maintain its usability and safety. Unfortunately some of these preservatives have been found to be problematic to marine life, leeching dangerous chemicals into the water. Wood will also eventually decay, and many docks are left in decay well past the time at which they are no longer safe.

Another option is aluminum. These metal docks are both durable and light, and offer an alternative look to wood. Aluminum must be well-maintained to prevent rust and decay, but the maintenance is generally far less involved than wood docks. Unfortunately for anyone leaning in the direction of aluminum as a choice, these metal docks can be significantly more expensive.

A newer option on the market is plastic docks, made of durable plastics. These modular blocks are designed with tread to prevent slipping, and additionally can be arranged in a wide array of configurations thanks to its modular nature. They’re easy to install and even significantly easier to remove when compared with wood or aluminum. Plastic floating docks can also be purchased in a variety of colors, from muted greys or browns to brighter colors like purple. When chosen with care and installed properly, plastic modular dock solutions can outlast any of the other varieties while remaining safe and attractive for a long time.

So while wood docks may have the charm of being a classic choice, the necessity for long term and proper upkeep can turn people on to the long term pros of metal docks. For others, the better option is definitely plastic docks, which are safe, relatively easy to care for, and easy to install or remove.